Williamsburg, Brooklyn Designer Artwork

Designing an interior space is so much more than just choosing nice furniture and colors. It’s about making a statement—incorporating crucial elements to contribute to a holistic, distinct spirituality of the space. To achieve this, you need someone with an eye for more than just design—you need someone with a distinct understanding of art, design, and the essential pieces that compose a daring statement. In Javier Echenique-Vico, you have these traits and so many more. Javier is a learned man of the world with a stunning resume that speaks to his abilities, and his passion for design as a form of spirituality.

A lifetime of learning, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit has created a syncretism that makes Javier, and the Echenike brand, distinct from all the rest. When you choose Javier, you are choosing one of the most renowned names and one of the most experienced individuals in the world. Let Javier’s trademark oval shape, along with his distinct artwork and style, provide the best interior designing service for your Brooklyn and NYC residential or commercial space.

Browse through his artwork to better understand his design styles and form of expression, and the intentions of his artistic and personal endeavors.

Echenike Design
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