12:05® as a brand originated five minutes past midnight 4 of July in the mind of Javier Echenique.  A date of significance marking the date of birth of its creator and also the time 12:05, when an unforgettable connection took place, a moment that Javier decided to immortalize with the creation of a clothing line. The backdrop for the inspiration of this collection is the gorgeous, artistic and bohemian town of Provincetown in New England.

The launch of the collection took place last March 2017 in Manhattan, NYC. Initially, is oriented to the male market; t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, tank-tops, polo shirts and exclusive accessories with the recognizable signature of the artist. It is a fusion of art and fashion. 

The 12:05® collection has been designed in the USA and manufactured  using the finest fabrics and materials. It is available online at www.1205.life and in a number of selected stores at top destinations.

Echenike Design
PO BOX 4056, Palm Springs, Fl 92263 USA | Email:info@echenike.com